Muni CEO Nat Ford Allegedly Calls Mandatory Meeting in Wake of SF Weekly Story, Rails Against 'Snitches'

It appears Municipal Transportation Agency CEO Nat Ford was less than thrilled with SF Weekly's Muni cover story this week. According to a source within the transit agency, on Wednesday, the day the story came out, Ford summoned all of Muni's top brass into his office — 30, 40, or perhaps even more people.

He then purportedly handed out copies of SF Weekly from a large stack of newspapers and gave the gathered crowd 20-odd minutes to read “The Muni Death Spiral.” Then, for the better part of 40 minutes, Ford allegedly excoriated his top lieutenants.

The subject of his wrath wasn't Muni's forthcoming deep service cuts or any of the myriad subjects discussed in SF Weekly's article. Instead, Ford was reportedly deeply displeased that Muni officials revealed to us Mayor Gavin Newsom's heavy-handed involvement in the transit agency's budgeting process and insistence Muni fudge its deficit numbers to make them smaller and “politically palitiable.”

“There's a snitch in this room,” Ford allegedly told his top brass.

In other words, the problem isn't that Muni has problems — it's that somebody talked about the problems.

SF Weekly moments ago called Muni spokeswoman Kristen Holland to verify this Wednesday meeting took place. “I will inquire,” she replied.

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