Muni Employees Don't Have to Pay to Park, Budget Deficit Lingers

Yesterday we wrote about how Muni employees might have to start paying to park just like the rest of us. But after some closed-door discussion last night, the Municipal Transportation Agency Board backed off approving plans to start ticketing their own employees who park on MTA property without permits.

Last year, the agency decided it was time to start charging its employees a monthly fee to park as a way to help the cash-strapped Muni, which is facing a $21.2 million deficit. The plan stated that anyone who parks without a permit would receive — as proposed — a $55 ticket.

But last night, MTA board members couldn't take the pressure from lamenting Muni workers. The group ducked into closed session Tuesday evening to debate the issue, only to later decide that Muni workers could keep parking for free at any of the 1,000 parking slots on MTA property. 
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