Muni: “Glad Bag Bus” Yanked Out of Service

Today's cover story is about Muni's broken vehicles and the broken system that leads mechanics to “fix” them with plastic bags, duct tape, and rubber bands.

The rolling symbol of Muni's long-term neglect of maintenance needs is Coach No. 5427, which has been motoring through city streets since at least April 2011 with rooftop wires wrapped in black plastic bags or liners held in place with zipties.

SF Weekly has learned that Coach 5427 went out on its normal runs this morning, serving on the 24-Divisidero route. About 10 a.m., however, it diverted off its scheduled course and motored to the Potrero bus yard. Whether the jury-rigged application atop this bus that has passed Muni muster every day for more than a year will be addressed is unknown.

Finally, if today's cover story left any of you wanting even more statistics regarding public transit — and Muni's somewhat dubious performance when stacked alongside other large agencies — see below:

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