Muni Masturbation Grinds On

Will the whacking off ever stop? 

In recent weeks, the usually sex-positive SF Weekly has taken a rather puritanical stance on public masturbation, at least when the self-pleasuring comes on Muni (pun intended, very much intended). We wrote a screed against this behavior a few weeks back after your narrator was subject to such nastiness on the bus we now refer to as the 8-XXX. We even made SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose dig through the 311 reports to see how often riders are seen getting hot and bothered en route. 
And now, we are here to report yet another unsavory pleasure seeker on Muni. Last Monday at 7:45 p.m., a woman witnessed a real wanker on the 38-Geary bus.

Here's how police summed up the activity.

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