Muni Masturbation: It's Not Just Us

It's now been three weeks since my awful experience on Muni, as the 8X turned into the 8XXX, a public pleasure palladium on wheels for the man in the backseat who sat there openly masturbating. Gross!

The story prompted readers' to share their disturbing tales. The winner was the victim of a scuzzball dropping lice on her head while she slept on BART during her morning commute. One amusing dude commented: “Im actually on the buss jackin' it right now..hhahaahhaah suckas.” 
Another reader scolded me for not making a scene to embarrass the man on the bus or reporting it to authorities, accusing me of simply enabling the behavior. “If any guy on Muni started rubbing on me, he'd be picking his teeth up off the ground.”

Okay, so she has a good point. 

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