“Muni Minute” Doesn't Apply to Muni Board Meetings

Apparently, you don't need a Tardis to bend time. But it's probably more sanitary than Muni.

Many a San Franciscan waiting eons for a Muni bus or train that was scheduled to arrive within five minutes has marveled at our public transit agency's ability to alter time and space. Now, however, the Bay Citizen has revealed that, in the most basic way, Muni really did alter time, if not space. Vehicles arriving up to four minutes and 59 seconds late were counted as being only four minutes late — “on time” by Muni's definition.

This has led to the coining of the term “the Muni Minute.” It remains to be seen how Muni will redefine terms such as “clean” or “full stop.” We've already seen an intriguing definition of the term “maintenance.”

Muni is selective in its use of the “Muni Minute,” however. Speakers at Municipal Transportation Agency Board meetings, for example, are given two minutes to say their piece. SF Weekly called up the Board to ask if that's two minutes, or two minutes and 59 seconds.

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