Muni Pain-O-Meter V. 3.0

Muni Pain-O-Meter V. 1.0

Muni Pain-O-Meter V. 2.0

Pain Level: 0.5
— A lady  boards the bus and serenades everyone with a delusional spiel about becoming mayor. I think her name is Joanna Rees.

1.5 — 15-year-old berates his newly ex-girlfriend on the train, gesticulating wildly with right hand while holding up jeans with left hand.

2.1 — Man sitting next to you is conversational — and has 30-second repeating memory loop.

2.7 — Oh, there's a reason no one was sitting in that seat!

2.9 — Pair of men are actively engaged in discussion over what they heard on Alex Jones' radio program that evening

3.1 — Entire elementary school class boards the L-Taraval, infects train car with contact sugar high.

3.5 — Psychotic ex-spouse boards — Oh, thank God. That was someone else wearing a straightjacket.

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