Muni Station Ad Full of Indesipherable Tech Gibberish Makes Us Feel Old

There comes a time in every person's life that you realize that you're no longer in the desired advertising demographic. During the Dark Ages, you figured this out by suddenly becoming dead; folks then didn't live so long. Now, however, it's less objectionable. It comes to you when you note that advertisements — and overheard snippets of young 'n' fun folks' conversations — don't make any goddamn sense.

So we had to realize we've made the transition when we saw the above blurb in a “Monster Hunter” videogame ad at the Church Street Muni station. Simply put, this doesn't make any goddamn sense to us; none of these jargony abbreviations is familiar.

Please, don' t lecture us that all the answers are available via a quick Google search: Here's another symptom of growing older — you don't care to know such things. No knock on videogame enthusiasts: We're not mocking you, please continue to play your handheld games on the train or at the laundromat instead of reading our newspaper or any of the classic works of literature. Your time will come, too. Perhaps the ad that stumps you will be completely composed of three-letter abbreviations.

Time marches on and we are helpless but to be carried along, sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans PSP, sans everything.

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