Muni Strikes a Money-Saving Deal with Operators — Finally

As of last month, we were absolutely sure that the standoff between Muni and its operators would result in one side getting thrown under the bus. And this notion was further crystallized when the union started prepping for a strike, while the city geared up its legal team.

But union and management announced today that the notoriously contentious duo arrived at a money-saving deal thanks to Proposition G — the Muni reform measure that swept the polls in November.

No, the talks over the last two months haven't been a “cakewalk,” as Muni officials put it, but the fact that the two sides were able to agree on something was worth reporting.

“I'd say the driving force was Prop. G,” says Charles Goodyear, the PR consultant hired by Muni. “It was the knowledge that if they didn't come to an agreement at the table, an arbitrator would figure it out for them — and I don't think [union] leadership was keen to that.” 

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