Muni Video of Bus-Truck Crash Offers 'Plague O' Both Your Houses' Moment

Muni today released video — from no fewer than seven different angles — of the Jan. 5, early morning accident between the 19 Polk bus and a pickup truck.

The takeaway: Muni screwed up. But the driver of the white pickup truck screwed up worse. Way worse.

The camera angles pictured above don't show you much — though one can discern that, since Muni drivers rarely opt to spontaneously steer their buses into hillside shrubberies, some manner of accident has taken place.

Yet video from “Camera One” of the bus' surveillance system seems to indicate that the Muni driver pulls a “Hollywood stop” and rolls through an intersection, while the driver of the white pickup truck blasts through the stop sign without even bothering to slow down.

The video file Muni sent us containing the footage recorded on Cameras Nos. one through five was so massive, we were physically unable to upload it to this site. Sorry. But we do have these horrifying still photos to show you:

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