Muni's Expensive New Fare Gates Easily Eluded: Call it 'GateGate'

By now, everyone and his fare-evading Uncle Phil knows that Muni's brand-spanking-new, $30 million Metro station gates can be evaded with a wave of the hand. Please allow us to be the first to christen this “GateGate.”

What really rankles isn't so much that expensive new technology is effortlessly compromised by dishonest people: These gates weren't installed, specifically, to combat fare evasion. And there have always been ways to fare evade at Muni stations, whether walking behind your buddy, hopping the turnstile, or going through the emergency exit. What's bothersome is that Muni knew full well that this problem existed, but is only now starting to ask the questions that should have been answered before money exchanged hands and Muni was stuck with these gates.

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