Muni's Fare Gate Problems are Unique to San Francisco

Michael Rhodes
Muni's new gates didn't cause problems elsewhere

Other American transit systems using fare gates essentially identical to Muni's have not been besieged by fare-hoppers able to outsmart the high-tech system with a wave of the hand, SF Weekly has learned.

Muni has become the unwelcome center of attention of late when miscreants quickly discovered that its $30 million fare gates could be made to open gratis by anyone who reached around the gate and placed his or her hand over the sensor. According to Muni, three other American transit systems have bought largely identical fare gates from San Diego-based Cubic Transportation: Miami-Dade County Transit, MARTA of Atlanta, and PATCO, a commuter railway run by the Maryland Transportation Authority. But officials at all three transit agencies told SF Weekly none of them have ever suffered a fare-hopping problem akin to Muni's — and there's a good reason for that.   

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