Murder Charge for Wilfredo Reyes Would Contradict Key Testimony Against Edwin Ramos

Wilfredo Reyes likely faces murder charges for the 2008 triple homicide of Tony Bologna and two of his sons.

“[Reyes] is a co-conspirator, aider and abetter, and equally guilty for the senseless crimes committed against the Bologna family,” Assistant District Attorney Alex Bastian told SF Weekly soon after Reyes was arrested in North Carolina last week.

Charging Reyes, though, puts District Attorney George Gascón in a strange position.

The DA's most important witness in the trial that led to Edwin Ramos' conviction for the murders was Andrew Bologna, Tony's now-21-year-old son and the sole survivor of the shooting. Bologna was the only person to finger Ramos as the shooter. He testified that he saw Ramos, in the driver's seat of a passing car, holding the gun. He twice stated that he didn't see anybody else in the car.

That means, if Gascón chooses to charge Reyes as a co-conspirator in the murder — thereby putting Reyes in the passenger's seat of Ramos' car — he will have to contradict the testimony of the only person to identify Ramos as the shooter.

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