Mustachioed Critical Mass Cyclist Pleads Not Guilty to Zipcar Attack

Ian Hespelt, the mustachioed cyclist who made headlines last month when he reportedly attacked a Zipcar with a U-lock during a Critical Mass ride, has pleaded not guilty, NBC reports.

[jump] Hespelt, 39, faces four felony charges for the now infamous Aug. 28 incident in the Marina: assault, false imprisonment, vandalism, and throwing dangerous objects at a vehicle. He is out of police custody today and will return to court on Oct. 28.

In the meantime, he and his handlebar mustache should probably lay low. Hespelt is the city’s reigning poster boy for cyclists behaving badly — and maybe its poster boy for assholes, in general.

Hespelt’s alleged attacked was caught on video and quickly went viral after being posted to YouTube. His mother contends it was all a misunderstanding. Her son is “pretty mild-mannered” and “very passionate,” she told the Chronicle

District Attorney George Gascón used a different adjective last week: “despicable.”

“If we allow this kind of behavior to go on with no threat, there is a public safety risk,” Gascón added. 

Hespelt may have pleaded not guilty in court, but the court of public opinion (i.e., San Francisco bloggers) has already found him guilty of being a dick.

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