Nancy Pelosi Challenger John Dennis Takes Political Ads Over the Rainbow

John Dennis, the Republican challenger to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, has told SF Weekly he'd like a debate with the Speaker of the House. Good luck with that. But, in the meantime, he can content himself with tossing a bucket of water on her stand-in, and melting her. What a world, indeed. 

Dennis has his work cut out for him in a town where Cindy Sheehan outpolled the Republican Congressional candidate last time around — and Pelosi picked up 71 percent of the vote. But, since desperate times call for desperate measures, Dennis has signed up to star in a series of bizarre, attention-grabbing YouTube commercials, earning coverage from the Wall Street Journal — which felt the need to repeatedly mention his ill-fitting attire. We'll all have the chance to observe Dennis' “too-tight tux” during a James Bond parody ad in the near future. But Dennis' Wizard of Oz parody is already online; all you have to do to watch it is click your heels three times and keep reading this article.

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