Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein Are Stinking Rich

Here is something that might inspire the dwindling Occupiers to return to their tents: While our very own Nancy Pelosi was pushing to extend unemployment  benefits that will, ideally, keep Spam on the tables of the 99 percent — and provide a boatload of jobs! — the San Francisco Democrat has risen to become the ninth-richest member of Congress.

Pelosi has consistently expressed her support for the polemical Occupy Movement, making statements like “God Bless the 99 percent.” But we don't need Pelosi's spoken support. We need her money!

According to the Center For Responsive Politics, our San Francisco reps have a total net worth of greater than $310 million. That includes Pelosi's whopping net worth of $196,299,990; Sen. Dianne Feinstein's $93,707,020; and Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who is the 31st-richest rep, with a net worth of $20,527,999.

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