Nancy Pelosi Would Like You to Know that Paul Ryan Is Beneath Contempt

She put down the insurrection among the restive members of her caucus, and now it is time for some serious shade aimed at her predecessor.

Likely Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would like the Washington press corps to know that she does not regard her predecessor, outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan, as worthy of her time.

Ryan delivered a pompous, 41-minute farewell address at the Library of Congress yesterday, dodging the harsh reality that he built his career tut-tutting about the national debt only to see the budget deficit widen to epic proportions. He occasionally rose to the occasion by providing a mild rebuke to the president’s more outrageous remarks,  Ultimately, the irresponsible Ryan failed to accomplish anything he promised, yet for some reason — those baby blues, maybe? — he’s regarded as a policy wonk and Very Serious Person.

Pelosi would like everyone to know that she disagrees with that assessment, telling The Hill in no uncertain terms that she really couldn’t be bothered to care. 

“This may come as a shock to you, but I was busy doing other things at the time. I wish him well as he goes forward,” she said when asked at a news conference what she made of Ryan’s remarks.

“I did not really have a chance to go to the speech and hear what he had to say, but I wish him and his family season’s greetings and best wishes for a wonderful future,” Pelosi added.

Pelosi will likely be elected the next Speaker after the new Congress takes office in January. 

In other words, please go away and play golf with John Boehner so I can clean up your mess. Now can someone please explain why it was Pelosi and not Sen. Chuck Schumer who had to put down a rebellion in their caucus?


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