Napa Says “No” to Marijuana

It's fair to call Napa County awash in drugs. The area's economy is based on intoxicants. After all, this is wine country, as an oft-perilous afternoon drive on Highway 29 after the tasting rooms close reveals.

One drug that's hard to come by in Napa, however, is medical marijuana. There are no medical cannabis dispensaries in wine country, despite Napa city putting a law on the books three years ago to allow them. And before a dispensary could open, that law was canned last week by the City Council.

The usual arguments about saving the children — and a collection of said children in need of salvation — were trotted out, but in voting to repeal the law 3-2, Napa leaders used a new precedent: fear of a lawsuit filed by the federal government, should they allow a pot club.

That has never happened — but now, of course, it never will.

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