Napster's Sean Parker Showers $100K on Marijuana Measure

The e-mail came Monday from Oaksterdam University's Richard Lee, the main driving force (at least publicly) behind cannabis semi-legalization measure Proposition 19. Just like other e-mails he'd sent out in the previous month, the message was a fund-raising pitch for a $75,000 “money bomb,” asking Tax Cannabis 2010 supporters to chip in small amounts online to hit that fundraising goal in less than 24 hours.

The plea worked: Tax Cannabis raised $75,000 in a day, the campaign reported Tuesday.

But that generosity paled in comparison to Sean Parker's. The 33-year old Napster co-founder and current venture capitalist donated $100,000 to the marijuana taxation cause on Monday, according to campaign finance records. That's on top of $100,000 gifted in June by Philip D. Harvey, the owner of adult products mail-order service Adam & Eve, and head of international philanthropy outfit DKT International.

With $200,000 in the bank — and hardly any of it spent, according to records available Wednesday — one would think that Lee wouldn't need to beg for bucks.

But that money isn't his.

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