Nat Ford, Muni Chief, Leaves with a “Golden Parachute”

Muni drivers were already deflated after an arbitrator forced what they thought was an unsavory contract deal on the union, which included three years of pay freezes. But then hearing that their soon-to-be ex-boss would be getting a $384,000 severance package that amounts to more than his annual salary — well that cannot be going over well at the union hall today.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board Chairman Tom Nolan told reporters yesterday that the bittersweet goodbye was a mutual decision between Ford and the transit agency's governing board. And of course, who wouldn't take the deal Ford — who is already the highest paid man in San Francisco — is getting?

Ford will be stepping down as the Muni chief on June 30, two years before his contract expires, and taking $384,000 with him. Here is the breakdown: Roughly one year's salary (that's $308,000), three months of extended health benefits for Ford and his family, which will be another $9,000, and some other perks that have not been disclosed yet.

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