Nat Ford's Goodbye Lunch

Staffers asked to kick down $20 to fund goodbye party of city's highest-paid employee

As you tuck into your lunches today, be sure to raise a glass to Nat Ford. The did-he-quit-was-he-fired CEO of the Municipal Transportation Agency is enjoying a goodbye lunch at this very moment.

We know the emcee of the event, held in the spectacular atrium of Muni's Van Ness headquarters, is none other than Willie Brown — a man who patronized Muni about as often as he dressed up in overalls and sported a bindle.

MTA employees will be treated to appetizers and take in speeches from noted orators such as Mayor Ed Lee and transportation-related functionaries. Muni spokesman Paul Rose was unsure what manner of appetizers are being served; organizers of the event flatly insisted we get such details from Rose. This is the first time we have been forcibly shunted to a public information officer while attempting to glean menu details.

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