National Weather Service Announces Storm Hashtags for Rainy Weekend

Use #CAStorm and #CAFlood to track the Pineapple Express's carnage as it moves across the state.

If you haven’t heard, we’re about to get walloped by the Pineapple Express this weekend. Up to seven inches (!) of rain could fall in San Francisco by Monday, bringing a slightly giddy apocalyptical feeling to the masses. It’s time to fill the fridge with snacks, charge your laptops, huddle up, and enjoy the storm.

To aid amateur and professional storm watchers, the National Weather Service has released two hashtags that can be used to track the weather’s progress this weekend: #CAStorm and #CAFlood. Right now when you type those into Twitter you’re just going to get disastrous sounding news stories, it’s true. But soon they’ll be linked to photos of the potential carnage: fallen trees, flooded intersections, and large objects knocked over by wind.

On a more serious note, this storm may actually be serious and not just fluff, so please do use caution this weekend.

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management asks that people be aware of flooded areas, as even six inches of water can sweep someone off their feet, and less than two feet of moving water can sweep away a moving vehicle. Floods can also hide fallen power lines and other debris, so avoid splashing through large, possibly waist-high puddles.

Fun fact: if you spot downed power lines, call 911, but if you see fallen trees or flooded roadways, call 311.

And if the power goes out and you’re wondering if you can eat the second half of that burrito that was in the fridge, know this: if food rises above 41 degrees for more than two hours, it’s recommended that it be discarded.

If all the above gives you excited chills, have fun! Batten down the hatches, eat all your frozen food, and take a gander at our latest collection of the Top 50 Songs to Get High To.

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