Nation's Biggest Marijuana Dispensary Is Wearing Out Its Welcome in San Jose

It is no secret that Harborside Health Center sells medical cannabis. Harborside sells lots and lots of it, according to U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, who wants to shut down the dispensary's two locations in Oakland and San Jose, in part because of Harborside's sheer size.
Concourse Business Center, Harborside's landlord in San Jose and the current target of an asset forfeiture proceeding filed by Haag, knew full well that Harborside was in the business of selling weed (one need only watch a rerun of the Discovery Channel's Weed Wars to see Harborside in action). Concourse just didn't know marijuana was illegal, according to court papers filed this week.
In a motion filed in federal court Wednesday, Concourse — which is in the process of trying to evict Harborside from the property before the feds can take it — asked a federal judge to stop HHC's marijuana trade. The move appears designed to keep the property out of the feds' hands — but Harborside's president Thursday pledged to stay put.

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