New Trump Chicken Debuts for the Midterms

A new model involving a golden toilet perched atop Twin Peaks and a rooftop by Dolores Park, giving people a laugh in the leadup to a critical midterm election.

Emulating its real-life counterpart, San Francisco’s Trump Chicken went on a Twitter binge over the weekend reminding people he exists — and that Tuesday is the time to do something about it.

San Franciscans may remember the Trump Chicken, originally popular in China, when it debuted in the Bayview for the 2017 Tax March before amassing an online presence and spreading the idea nationwide. If there’s ever a time to bring the chicken back out, it’s leading up to an election that’s the last best chance to provide a congressional check on President Donald Trump.

And so, early Friday morning, a new 20-foot Trump Chicken model — one that sits on a golden toilet — rose at the top of Twin Peaks along with the sun. After a breakfast break for the team who hauled eight 25-pound bags of sand up the stairs, it rose again on the roof of a home overlooking Dolores Park, says organizer Danelle Morton.

“This is a very grim time. A lot of people are very deflated — no pun intended,” Morton tells SF Weekly. “People need to laugh to survive.”

Reminders of Trump Chicken’s presence in San Francisco came again on Monday morning via Facebook and Twitter with hashtags #DefeatTheTweet and #Vote. Because the group received “affectionate no’s” from companies operating landfills, Morton says, a promotional video of the golden toilet model was green-screened onto a pile of garbage.

“They love me in San Francisco. Look at the crowds!” a fake tweet from @realtwitturd reads over another video set in the Mission. “Almost as big as my inauguration!”

The stunts are made possible by a GoFundMe that raised more than $10,000 intended to prank white nationalists who attempted to rally at Crissy Field in August 2017 but cowed out. Progressive group Indivisible bought another 70 to disperse throughout the country while the original San Francisco contingent has four of its own, on top of the golden toilet model on loan from the original designer Casey Latiolais and a blimp from London protesters.

San Francisco organizers have appeared at Alcatraz Island and more recently, at California State University, Chico to register student voters. Morton says the Trump Chicken drew students to the booth — who would ultimately help roll around to deflate the balloon — and doubled the university’s voter drive numbers.

“When you respond to something without words, it helps you understand you do have a point of view — you just haven’t figured it out yet, ” Morton says. “In some ways, the chicken can empower people.”

Stay tuned for a potential Trump Chicken appearance on Election Day.


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