New Widget Removes Donald Trump From Facebook

A free Chrome browser extension called ‘Remove Donald Trump from Facebook’ eliminates Trump from your Facebook feed.

If you can’t stand seeing all the mentions of Donald Trump every time you log onto Facebook, then hold on to your pink hats — a recently updated Chrome browser extension will hide posts about Trump from your Facebook feed so you don’t have to see them.

It’s called Remove Donald Trump from Facebook and, as the name would indicate, it only removes Trump mentions from Facebook. Your Twitter, general Internet browsing, and real life proceedings will be unaffected and still contain the same degree of Donald Trump.

But the extension does reliably remove any posts with the text “Trump” from the newsfeed displayed on your Facebook account. This being a Google Chrome extension, it only works if you are using the Chrome Internet browser. The extension is not available for other browsers, and will not remove any Trump posts on the Facebook mobile app.

Also realize the extension is not a complete removal of all things Trump. It does not remove posts that contain just the word “Donald”, or the word “President” or posts with just images of Trump.

While the Remove Donald Trump from Facebook extension is free, the extension’s developer David Story is accepting donations to fund future updates.

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