Newsom, Feinstein, and Pelosi Win Comfortably, California Sure to Send More Dems to Congress

An updated list of everything happening across California tonight.


As expected, Lt. Gov. and former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has been elected governor of California over Republican John Cox. Outgoing governor Jerry Brown is term-limited, having served in two non-consecutive periods. He seemed like a shoo-in, but California hasn’t always been so Democratic. Apart from Gray Davis’ partial term — he was the governor whose recall installed Arnold Schwarzenegger — Newsom will be California’s first governor not named Brown since Culbert Olson, who served from 1939-43.

Unlike the Newsom-Cox matchup, the lieutenant governor’s race was a competition between Democrats Ed Hernandez and Eleni Kounalakis. With 20 percent of the returns in, Kounalakis appears to be pulling ahead.


Another former San Francisco mayor, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, won a fifth full term in the U.S. Senate over former State Senate President pro tem Kevin De Leon, albeit by a smaller margin than expected — 54-46 as of 11 p.m.. 


Rep. Nancy Pelosi cruised to a 16th term in the House of Representatives over token opposition — and seems destined to wield the Speaker’s gavel now that Democrats have wrested back control of the chamber. No Bay Area members of Congress faced a close race.

In Washington tonight, Pelosi was sanguine about her chances. According to the Washington Post, she said:

“Tomorrow will be a new day in America,” she declared at an election night party.

“We have all had enough of division,” she said. “The American people want peace. They want results.”

Pelosi said the midterms were about “restoring the Constitution’s checks and balances to the Trump administration,” as well as about defending Medicaid, Medicare and other programs.


As expected, Democrat Xavier Becerra is certain to win a full term over Republican Stephen C. Bailey.


Everything is passing, including the controversial $300-million tax (Prop. C), the cannabis tax (Prop. D) and the less-controversial arts-funding measure (Prop. E).


Among the more controversial of the 10 ballot props, Prop. 6 (the gas-tax repeal), Prop. 8 (dialysis regulation) and Prop. 10 (Costa-Hawkins repeal) all lost, the last one by almost a two-to-one margin. Prop. 7, which would potentially rejigger Daylight Saving Time in California, is winning.

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