Newsom: No Jaye, No Problem. Mayor Says He's Going to Be Just Fine Without Former Svengali.

This morning., Gavin Newsom's favorite group of notebook, tape-recorder, and camera-wielding inquisitors packed into his tepid chambers for a press conference regarding a proposed United Nations Global Warming Center at the Hunter's Point Shipyard. Great idea, it seemed, but when all the cheer-leading was over, and Newsom made himself available to the media, he received not a single question related to the day's appearance.

One TV news reporter immediately took charge, and asked Newsom about the recent turnover in his office. “It's normal,” he insisted, that budget director Nani Coloretti and Climate Change Initiative Director Wade Crowfoot, both announced this week they'd be leaving their jobs. “It's just that people are paying more attention,” Newsom said.

Then, apparently as counter-example of how some staff members appear to be deserting him, Newsom brought up Paige Barry Arata. “It's pretty ironic,” Newsom said. “We're bringing back someone whose been with me for six years.” No one asked about why she was leaving her position in Newsom's gubernatorial campaign as a top fundraiser.

They were too eager to know: “What happened with Eric Jaye?”

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