Newsom Says San Francisco Will Be Just Fine

In a brief interview this morning on KGO, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom first bragged about going to spring training and then responded to Jerry Brown's “austere” budget proposals that, as of late, call for a hiring freeze.

Brown's executive order bars state agencies from hiring new workers, transferring employees, and giving part-time workers a full-time gig. That came after Brown slashed state-funded cell phones and cars for state workers.

His budget plans have upset his own supporters on the left, who say his $12 billion in proposed cuts would cripple vulnerable populations.

But Newsom defended the governor, saying these draconian measures — hiring freezes and cuts to cell phones — are exactly what the state should be doing. 

“It's a different kind of leadership, his experience is coming into play,” Newsom said. “The Assembly and the Senate need to take similar leadership.”

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