No, Chris Daly Won't Endorse Theresa Sparks. She Can Live With That.

You may recall that less than a week after the SF Weekly published a profile last fall on soon-to-be District 6 Supervisor candidate Theresa Sparks, current District 6 supervisor Chris Daly wrote his own 2,500 word diatribe railing against Sparks' “mainstream” politics and how the Weekly must have been pushed by Downtown interests* to write about her. You may also recall that SF Weekly pointed out that Daly's simplistic worldview on this issue seems to be gleaned from a comic book.

So by the time Sparks finally filed to run a few weeks back, it was no longer any secret that Daly will be throwing his progressive heft behind another candidate in the race

Sparks' response to Daly's dis? Fine with me.

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