No Punishment Yet for Meter Maid Caught Parked Illegally, Shopping

A spokesman for the Municipal Transportation Agency told SF Weekly that the parking control officer caught on video browsing through a Goodwill while she was parked illegally outside has not yet been punished. And, even if she had been — or will be — he wouldn't tell us about that.

“We don't talk about employee discipline matters publicly,” explained Murray Bond.

In a video shot in February, but only now making the media rounds, an indignant camera-wielding man filmed a parking control officer's three-wheeled vehicle parked illegally in the loading area outside the Goodwill near Geary and Hyde. In a bit of cinematography that makes the Zapruder Film look like Citizen Kane, the cameraman shakily identifies the parking control officer (PCO) shopping contentedly within.

One MTA supervisor we spoke with predicted nothing much would happen to the busted PCO.

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