Nob Hill Condo Owners Set to Pull Plug on Masonic Concert Hall

With a pending zoning lawsuit, and a hearing next week before a nay-saying Board of Supervisor, the NIMBY condo owners of of Nob Hill seem poised to kill plans to expand the number of concerts held at the Masons of California event hall on California Street.

Representatives for the Mason's tenants, Live Nation, have been holding meeting with residents of the ritzy neighborhood for 16 months. They had hammered out an agreement with city planning officials allowing the Masons to improve their sound system, stage, kitchen, and other facilities to accommodate more events — provided  they held to 41 conditions governing details such as bus parking, equipment-loading, crowd-control and the like.

As of earlier this year the Masons seemed on their way to obtaining permits to host mid-sized concerts and other events such as those found at the Fox Theater in Oakland.

On April 23, however, the Nob Hill Association filed a lawsuit challenging the decision of San Francisco's zoning administrator to allow renovations to proceed. And the neighbors have also finagled a hearing before the Board of Supervisors, which is scheduled to re-consider whether there has been sufficient environmental study of the Mason's renovation plans.

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