Nudists Plan Protest at City Hall Today

It’s a beautiful day for a nude protest, and at noon, you can enjoy one at City Hall.


Today’s “emergency protest” is in response to the May 1 arrest of George Davis, a “body freedom” activist who disrobed at the Reflecting Pool near the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. According to his supporters, Davis notified the Capitol Police, the D.C. District Attorney, and the D.C. Mayor’s office of his intention to go au naturel, but he was arrested nonetheless and charged with indecent exposure.

Davis’ trial is scheduled for August 11; his fate will be decided by a judge (rather than a jury). A press release issued by his supporters frames the case as a referendum on First Amendment rights nationwide:

If George Davis is found 'not guilty' by the judge, a precedent would be established to allow public nudity for political and artistic expression in Washington, D.C., enabling this city to join progressive world class cities like New York City, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin where these freedoms are currently recognized. The rest of the USA and the world would take notice of this 'not guilty' decision and be influenced by it.

On the other hand, if George Davis is found 'guilty,' critics who consider Washington, D.C. a provincial, backwards, reactionary town may find their opinions justified.

Local nudist provocateur Gypsy Taub is expected to speak at today’s protest. Per a copy of her speech posted online in advance, Taub will declare:

It’s such a paradox that in the capital of the United States, Washington DC, where our government made so many criminal decisions, where so many crimes against humanity were conceived and born, with no repercussions whatsoever, a man gets thrown in jail for 3 months for wearing his own skin.

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