Oakland Superintendent Calls Parents, Warns That Students Plan to Walk Out of Class Today

After receiving multiple reports that Oakland students will stage another anti-police brutality walkout today, school superintendent Antwan Wilson tried to preempt the protest by robo-calling their parents.

In a message left on voicemails throughout the district last night, Wilson said that, while the district encourages students to express their opinions on racism and police accountability, they'd do better to air those sentiments in a classroom setting.

“We want students to do this in an environment where they're safe, and where their future prospects aren't compromised,” Oakland Unified School District spokesman Troy Flint says. “That's in school and not on the streets.”
[jump] He says that school officials have found multiple fliers on campus advertising walkouts at 11 a.m. and noon today, asking students to congregate outside OUSD headquarters at 1000 Broadway. 

Meanwhile, San Francisco public defenders have announced their own “Hands up, don't shoot” demonstration, which will take place Thursday at noon outside the Hall of Justice. Alameda and Contra Costa County public defenders will launch simultaneous actions outside their own courthouses. 

Activists in Oakland are also advertising another protest tomorrow at 4 p.m. outside Oakland City Hall.

We'll keep you posted as we hear more on today's school walkout.

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