Oaksterdam Marijuana and Hemp Museum Moving, Seeking Sponsors

For those corporations or philanthropists who always wanted to attach their names to the country's self-described most expansive and storied collection of marijuana-related artifacts, the time is now.

Better yet: If you're a property owner with available commercial space in downtown Oakland, the Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum wants to talk with you — and sign a long-term lease.

The museum, which features hemp-made products of yore and 19th-century medicine bottles from when marijuana was medicine before it was contraband, must leave its current Broadway home — in the Blue Sky dispensary — by the end of the month, school officials announced Monday.

A likely new home is right around the corner, but in the wake of financial difficulties ongoing since feds raided Oaksterdam University and its founder, Richard Lee, on April 2, the museum needs sponsors.

Paging David Bronner.

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