Oaksterdam Raid: Journalist Is Only Person Charged One Year Later

Our friends over at SFist today posted a reminder that it's been one year since federal agents — mostly the IRS, though DEA and US Marshals were on scene — raided the campus of Oakland marijuana grow college Oaksterdam University and the offices and apartment of its founder, cannabis legalization hero Richard Lee.

No one from Oaksterdam — not the indomitable Lee, whose life savings was spent on the Proposition 19 campaign (before an irate IRS could seize it, the theory goes), and none of his student growers — has to date been arrested or charged with a crime in connection to the raid.

But there were arrests, and a year later, exactly one person has been charged with a crime: Jose Gutierrez, a veteran radio reporter for KPFA. He's in federal court, and faces up to eight years in prison.

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