Oaksterdam's Richard Lee: Marijuana Legalization Is “Dead” in California — For Now

Last year's Proposition 19 was quite a wild ride, but marijuana legalization in California is over. 

That's according to Richard Lee, the Oaksterdam University founder and chief sponsor of Prop. 19, which won its place on Californians' November 2010 ballot only after Lee spent his $1.5 million life savings on the requisite signature drive.

Following Prop 19's historic defeat — the legalization ballot measure lost 54 percent to 46 percent, but won more votes than gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman did — backers, including Lee, promised they'd be back in 2012 with a successor measure. But the fundraising just hasn't been there, Lee said Saturday at the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo in downtown Oakland, held a few blocks away from the Oaksterdam campus.

That means the effort to legalize marijuana in California has stalled out.

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