Obama Dodges S.F. Protesters, Leaves Through Side Door

President Has Yet to Publicly Address Medical Marijuana Crackdown

Presidential visits are a big deal, even in big cities like San Francisco: As president, George W. Bush never visited us.

But after President Barack Obama's reception Tuesday — where some prominent Democratic Party donors joined the motley crew of protesters outside the W Hotel's Third Street entrance, howling at the president  — it's a wonder if Obama chooses to stop by again.

Not that it was evident to the general public that he was here at all. Not once did the president show his face to anyone but the 200 supporters who paid as much as $7,500 to lunch with the president, going as far as to slip out a side entrance on his way back to SFO and to the friendlier confines of Denver.

This, less than three years after fervor for the president in the 415 was so high that political pranksters renamed the entire length of Bush Street “Obama.”

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