Obama Kisses Google Ass — “Ich bin ein Googler.”

Obama unveiled his tech platform last night to an audience of Bay Area techies who just didn't give a damn. The question on their minds: “Can you win this thing or not?”

Obama's answer: I am just like (Google founders) Sergey and Larry.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt took the metaphor one small step for man further, suggesting that running for president is like trying to get a job at Google … because it's so hard.

Obama concurred, and actually said he's like an Internet start up.

Google's audience loved it the way young liberals always love it when people tell them they're SO right, and one Google employee – Nicole Resz, 26, who works in Google's advertising department – gave him the ultimate compliment, according to the Washington Post:

“He's fresh, he's new, there's something about him that's Google-like.”

Obama's next stop is Iowa, where he'll compare himself to a corn farmer in order to blow the locals away.

Googling “circle jerk” won't get you the video of Obama at the Googleplex, but they put it on YouTube, in case you want to hear him answer a question about 32-bit integers

— Benjamin Wachs

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