Occupy Bernal Postpones Visit to Wells Fargo Lobbyist at Home

Update 5 p.m.: A Wells Fargo representative called us to chime in on this debate. Ruben Pulido, spokesman for the bank, said they are proud to have Alfredo Pedroza on their team. “Alfredo has lived in the Mission District his entire life. For the vast majority of his career he has worked in the nonprofit sector — for example, by organizing neighborhoods to take back their park — and then working for the City of San Francisco to advocate for the needs of some of San Francisco's most underserved neighborhoods,” Pulido said.

(Update 8:23 a.m.): We've just been informed that Occupy has postponed the planned march over to Alfredo Pedroza's house tonight while they negotiate with Mayor Ed Lee. According to Buck Bagot, the group is hopeful they can make progress today “toward the cancellation of scheduled foreclosure-related property auctions and evictions.”

(original story): The only regional Occupy group that hasn't lost steam is over in Bernal Heights, where neighbors are planning yet another visit to Wells Fargo folks that's sure to be, at the very least, entertaining.

Tonight, Occupy Bernal will walk over to the Mission District home of Alfredo Pedroza, director of California Local Government Relations for Wells Fargo, and demand he put an end to the senseless foreclosures he's fostering in his own neighborhood.

Occupy Bernal claims that in his current position, Pedroza has negotiated one too many foreclosures on behalf of the big bank, especially for minorities. They plan to ask him to help 16 of their neighbors who are currently being threatened by Wells Fargo.

Here's what Occupy Bernal says:

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