Occupy My Street: S.F. Woman Starts Petition Against Out-of-Control Parking Tickets

Drivers in San Francisco may rightly suspect they are merely rats in a giant SFMTA experiment designed to make them spit up as much money for parking tickets as possible before breaking down and buying a bike. Meeting went 10 minutes over? Ticket for you, buddy. Caught on camera blowing a red light? Your ticket is in the mail. Didn't turn you wheels toward the curb on an incline? It's all downhill for you.

Well, one lady behind the wheel isn't going to sit in the passenger seat anymore while SFMTA drives her into bankruptcy. San Francisco resident Caitlin Finnell started a petition called “Occupy My Street” with the hope of getting the 99 percent — essentially, those of you who can't afford to pay your multiple $55 parking tickets — to join together against the SFMTA's “underhanded taxing.”
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