Occupy Oakland Says F**K the Police

Just last week, the New York Times took San Francisco residents by surprise when it concluded that Oakland — not the City by the Bay — was No. 5 on its top 45 list of places to be.

But if you are another pissed-off American, where else would you rather be than the streets of Oakland, tearing it up next to unstoppable occupiers? Tear gas, police raids, flash-bang grenades, anarchy — what's not to like about this city?

To prove there's more to Oakland than just being a dangerous shithole, Occupy Oakland further charmed out-of-towners this past weekend when they draped themselves in fuck-the-police banners. How fun!

Of course, this led to more tension between protesters and police, who arrested a handful of demonstrators Saturday night after they marched toward the police station, protesting what they described as ongoing harassment and police abuse.

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