Occupy San Francisco to Shut Down Financial District

Occupy San Francisco is unleashing itself all over San Francisco's financial institutions come Friday, in what protesters are saying will be the largest street protest the city has experienced since the anti-war demonstrations in 2003.

It's been several weeks in the making, ever since the Occupy Movement was booted from its encampment on Justin Herman Plaza. The group has continued meeting and making plans for Friday's event where more than 55 organizations will descend on the Financial District, and the courts. The day is being dubbed “Occupy Wall

Street West.”

According to Occupy SF:

Occupy Wall Street West actions will target Wall St. banks and corporations complicit in attacking Bay Area communities, homes, education environment, livelihood, and democracy.  The activists demand

that banks stop predatory evictions and foreclosures and an end to corporate personhood; and they aim to continue building and mobilizing a strategic mass movement asserting the people power of the 99% for economic justice and a better world.

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