Occupy the Farm Prepares for Police Raid

Update (9:42 a.m.): SF Weekly correspondent Kate Conger is at the scene and tells us the raid has not yet happened. Occupiers seem to believe the raid will now happen later tonight. Police have closed nearby roads, but protesters believe that's merely a tactic to cut off water supply to the farm.

(Original story 7:46 a.m): Occupiers over at the “Farm” in Albany say police have surrounded the area, and have started to raid the land that protesters have occupied since April 22.

According to a statement released by Occupy the Farm this morning, police came in at about 7 a.m., barricaded the farm, and evicted the demonstrators. Cops are reportedly threatening to use “chemical agents” if protesters don't leave.

NBC has a news helicopter out there, and reports that the scene appears calm for now. Protesters are milling around the land, which is owned by UC Berkeley and used for research.

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