OccupySF Protesters Surfing Craigslist to Find Missed Connections and Sex

​Revolution is to sex what Republicans are to comb-overs. Think about it: rugged Che in his Mao cap, the Black Panthers rocking their rad fros, Subcomandante Marcos in his mysterious Zapatista facemask — sex appeal is as crucial to any self-respecting revolution as a megaphone. Don't even get us started on keffiyah scarves. Rrrrr. 

Well, judging by the Missed Connections and Casual Encounters on Craigslist, it seems the Occupy demonstrators are bringing sexy back. Maybe unwashed protesters with dirt under their fingernails isn't your thing (it's called radical chic, you 1 percenters), but these people seem to be inspiring some major unrequited lust across the Bay Area.
We'll start with this casual encounter entitled “Occupy Your Submissive Throat”:
“Occupy wall street by day, occupy your throat by night! Dominant guy with 8 long inches and a bulging brain looking to make you kneel in front of him, open your mouth and feel his length cascading down your throat. You are submissive & want to be occupied.” 
Oh, there's so much more. 

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