Oil Spill Raises Bay Terrorism Issues: Pelosi Spills The Beans

The Cosco Busan oil spill, now called the “greatest Bay Area maritime disaster in twenty years” is now spilling, figuratively speaking, beyond all the oil-soked birds and crab season hiatus into the territory of terrorism and security issues.

At a House Subcommittee meeting on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation, some publication I've never heard of called Logistics Management reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised the specter of deliberate attacks on the San Francisco Bay:

“What would happen if terrorists decided to try something like this? … That is why DHS (Department of Homeland Security) should get involved.”

Oh great Nancy. Way to give the terrorists ideas. First they attacked our democracy, next thing you know they'll be coming for our Cioppino too. Is nothing scared?

Oil Spill Sign pic by lisascenic on Flickr

— Brian Bernbaum

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