Outside Lands Cannabis Sales, Smoking Approved

The city and state just gave joint approval to cannabis sales at Outside Lands, meaning you will be able to smoke pot in the park.

The high drama has finally come to a kind ending. This weekend’s Outside Lands festival will indeed have legal marijuana sales and consumption, according to a San Francisco Recreation and Park Department press release sent out late Wednesday. The department has officially granted a temporary waiver to the park’s anti-smoking ordinance.

The sales and consumption will take place only inside Grass Lands — a fenced-off area within Outside Lands far from the entrances and stages — so the smoke fumes will not affect non-smokers.  

“Permitting Grass Lands as the inaugural event is the first step in creating a safe cannabis event space for those aged 21 years and older,”  San Francisco Office of Cannabis director Marisa Rodriguez said in a release. “Attendees will be able to purchase and consume lab-tested products away from the rest of the venue’s attendees. We’re excited to finalize the temporary cannabis event rulemaking — in collaboration with our city partners — and in support of the Temporary Cannabis Events Pilot Program.”  

The San Francisco Chronicle first reported the news at about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday night, stating that the city’s Office of Cannabis had approved the permit, noting that the event “must still get approval from the state.” But the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control was issuing their approval right around that same moment, confirming that Outside Lands had landed the right for their attendees to buy and use marijuana at the festival.

This will be San Francisco’s first outdoor event with recreational cannabis sales. Last year, California lawmakers passed Assembly Bill 2020 that allowed cities to permit cannabis events. Supervisor Rafael Mandelman’s cannabis event legislation created that framework for San Francisco in March of this year.

Accoring to a release from Outside Lands, “Grass Lands presented by Eaze” will feature sales and exhibits from Bloom Farms,  Cresco, Flow Kana, Hi-Fi Hops, Kiva Confections, Moxie, Pax Labs, Cookies, Jetty Extracts, and a number of other cannabis brands. A software company called Blaze will handle point-of-sales and make sure every transaction meets strict standards of legal compliance.

“If we can get this right, I don’t see why we wouldn’t see consumption done regularly at events moving forward in California, and possibly other states,” Blaze CEO and co-founder Chris Violas tells SF Weekly.


This post has been updated with additional announced information on Grass Lands exhibitors.

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