Overheard at Project Homeless Connect

Photos | Joe Eskenazi

Flanking Bear the cat are (left) Wesley McKinney and his longtime partner, Philip Gibson.

Wesley McKinney and Philip Gibson met in 1990. They say they were married in City Hall in 2004, and, from Memorial Day weekend up until today, they lived within sight of the building where their happy day took place.

On Wednesday morning, McKinney claimed he, Gibson and Bear, their black cat, were rousted from the doorway of 150 Grove St. by police and told if they were found there tomorrow their possessions would be discarded and they would be incarcerated.

They hadn’t planned on attending Project Homeless Connect — Mayor Gavin Newsom’s one-stop homeless expo — out of necessity, so to speak. “This is all P.R.” fumed McKinney, as thousands of homeless men and women milled about outside the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

But the two now have no idea where they’ll lay their heads tonight.

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