Owl Family Evicts Red-Tailed Hawks From Presidio Nest With a View

The hawks were evicted without any notice, opening the owls up to a fierce tenants' rights lawsuit.

A eucalyptus tree in the Presidio was the site of a fierce battle recently — one which no doubt feels a little close to home for San Francisco renters. In this city, the endless competition for real estate generally takes place in rent-controlled apartments in ancient Victorians, but for one pair of owls, a luxurious nest perched high atop a tree with views (no doubt) of the Golden Gate Bridge was simply too much to resist.

On Feb. 2, with nary an eviction notice handed to the nest’s current not-unfamous tenant, a red-tailed hawk, the owls moved in. The situation has countless comparisons; like the time an east coast millionaire tried to evict a 100-year-old woman from her apartment, a move that eventually (according to some activists) lead to her death. While not captured on camera, it’s also possible that the owls used scare tactics a-la notorious eviction firm Bornstein & Bornstein or engaged in bullying tactics inspired by serial evictor Anne Kihagi.  

But what is clear is that thus far, the owls appear to have won. After a physical altercation with a hawk during which SFPD was surprisingly not called, one owl has since laid several eggs. It’s a natural progression of events in San Francisco: evict a tenant, move into their unit, then reproduce. 

In the wake of such chaos, the Presidio Trust has simply thrown its hands in the air and renamed the Red Tailed Hawk Cam the Presidio Raptor Cam, which we suppose opens it up to say, a bald eagle evicting the owls sometime down the line. 

In the meantime, biologists claim the red-tailed hawks have “backup nests” — which, let’s face it, are more than likely their parents’ basements in Walnut Creek. 

But like any good HGTV show, the story isn’t over yet. Stay tuned on the live Raptor Cam to see exactly how the owls renovate the nest, which will no doubt go from something with charm and character to a generic white, soulless facade

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