Oy Vey: Board of Supervisors Decides It *Will* Honor Jewish Holiday By Holding No Meeting On Day Every S.F. Jew, Rabbi Will Be At Work

On Tuesday, we reported that members of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors were taken aback to realize their plan to honor the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, required some atoning of its own.

The Board plans to hold no meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 29 out of deference to the Jewish holiday. Nice gesture, but Yom Kippur runs from Sunday to Monday nights, and even the most Orthodox of San Francisco rabbis will be hard at work on Tuesday. So, in a nutshell, the Supes, 10 of 11 of whom are not Jewish, plan to take off a “Jewish holiday” a day late at a time when most every Jew in their constituencies will be working.

Hmmm — sounds a bit ongepotchket, no?

Several local rabbis — who will be working that day — expressed their surprise to SF Weekly over this plan. Bevan Dufty, the Board's sole Jew, said he was mystified, and added that he was in favor of holding a meeting. David Noyola, the legislative aid for Supervisor David Chiu, said the Board President was looking into getting a meeting organized for Sept. 29 after all.

Noyola subsequently informed SF Weekly, however, that Chiu has opted to leave well enough alone. There will be no meeting on Tuesday.

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