Pat Robertson: Married Women Get Abortions to Be Like Lesbians

Let's come out and say it: Pat Robertson is not a huge fan of San Francisco. Or California generally, whose affinity for same-sex marriage led the famous televangelist to, in 2008, compare the state to “a city in the ancient days where people were so gross they actually tried to rape angels.” (That's pretty gross!) Telling in this regard were the remarks of Robertson's spokesman when we called him last year to ask whether California has a pact with Satan. His response: “I don't know.”

We're guessing most San Franciscans aren't huge fans of Robertson either, especially in the wake of his latest comments on The 700 Club, the unceasingly bizarre platform for the genteel 81-year-old preacher to warble his insane opinions into the camera. Robertson apparently believes that married women get abortions to put themselves “on a level playing field” with lesbians. (As Gawker points out, no one seems to have informed Pat that lesbians can give birth, too.)

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